Field Service Schedule Board – Error contacting mapping service


You’re using the Field Service solution for Dynamics 365 CE and encounter the error “Error contacting mapping service” when using the “Find availability” function inside the schedule board.


Field Service is trying to contact some Bing servers for finding the proper resources for availability.

If it does not manage to reach the Bing servers, you’ll see the error above in the schedule board and log entries in the CRM trace, stating that a time out was experienced when trying to reach a certain IP. If you backtrack the IP, it’s usually a host or a devvirtualearth host.

This is due to the field service plugin not respecting proxy settings when trying to reach the hosts above. If you configured your corporate firewall to not allow direct access to the internet, only via proxy, then the above issues will be encountered.


Currently there is no support for this scenario, you will have to talk to your IT for allowing direct access.

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