HTML E-Mails with place holders in Dynamics 365


E-Mails in CRM are very simple by default. But what if we want to have styles in them by using HTML?

A nice looking editor would be great. This is where Xrm-Html-Templating and XTL join the game.

The former adds an easy to use editor to your organization, while the latter allows for processing placeholders inside the templates.

We’re going to set up a nice looking HTML e-Mail template in this post. Note: In CRM v9.0 you can also set up KB articles with HTML, this solution can also be updated for these. These solutions are available for CRM >= v8.0.

Getting started

Just install the XTL solution first, followed by the Xrm-Html-Templating solution. Both can be found in the respective release pages of the links which were pasted above.

Creating the template

Open the Xrm-Html-Templating solution and use the editor for creating a template.

After saving, creation of an e-Mail where you set the HTML template lookup will result in the template being applied and all of your custom XTL placeholders being applied.

Take a look at below example:


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